Monday, August 17, 2009


i was reading the news a few days back, and they were remembering the tornado that hit salt lake a decade ago. it caught me thinking back to where i had been when the tornado went down.

then i remembered.

i was in romania.

this spurred a little walk down memory lane for me.

memories of all the little people at the dystrophic center i went to romania to love.
technically "assess developmental levels and need"
but really just to love.
i wish i still felt like you could just love things all better.
it is amazing the various positions and stages of undressedness (yep that is an official word- as of today) little ones can get themselves into. petronela birzulica- i called her a little bird.

being excited that i had taken rolls of black and white film with me- to capture some of the memories with.

this was outside of the little house we lived in. we rented the upstairs from a cute old couple. i'm fairly certain i thought i could understand romanian, but it is more possible that i didn't understand a single thing they ever said to me... back to the point... one day lisa and i watched as a big 'ole bus tried to make its way through this passageway. we laughed and laughed as we watched.
buying random things, because it seemed like a novelty to buy them in a foreign country. enter the $30 guitar and the three chords i learned to play...

there are many more pages of memories, and rolls and rolls of pictures, but this is enough for tonight.

where were you in 1999?


Unknown said...

I lived about 30 minutes away from salt lake city. I was in like 5th 6th grade and I was getting my hair cut!

Kristin said...

Spencer was a baby - almost pregnant with Kayleen - Tim had just graduated from BYU and we still loved in our tiny apartment!

Annalisa said...

the day of that tornado, i was laying on a patch of grass with geoff watching the big billowing clouds rush past and wondering if a storm was coming. he drove me back to courtside and i caught a plane to san diego to get my wisdom teeth out. we'd only begun dating, i was entering my final semester at byu (22 credits) and i was nervous geoff would find a girlfriend while i was away for two weeks, lol.

Tiffany said...

Fantastic photos! What an amazing experience!

Lisa said...

I haven't seen those pictures in years! I'm so glad you posted them. I need to get mine out and look at them, and put them in a book! Such good, sweet memories of those kids. Those kids are 11-13 this year! Crazy. They will always be babies in my heart. Thanks for the happy thoughts today!

Jeanie said...

oh my gosh I had no idea you did that! what other grand adventures have you had??

Sherri said...

Megan, I love following your blog! Thanks for posting about this experience. That is amazing. Dates me though to say that in 1999, right before Christmas, I was having my 3rd baby, our Scott. Best Christmas present I ever got! :) We've got to come down and see your house some time.

John said...

Cool adventure! I didn't know that. In 1999 Bobby and I were flicking pennies in front of CRC El Dorado Center; playing with Dorito's, fruit snacks, and peanut M&M's(they were different factions in a food war); and the Adventures of John and Bobby were at their height of popularity. If only you could have seen your husband cool.