Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween from closet hideaways

approximately .33 days before halloween, i started the "hmmmm.... what should we be for halloween" debate.

i started to recall random articles of clothing that always seem to survive the closet purge sessions.

example 1: the husband's furry hat. i don't really know how to continue to explain here. it is a baseball hat, half covered in fur with writing on it that doesn't make sense at all. go korea. but almost every time we are cleaning the room, one of us ends up wearing the hat during the task, completely amused.

example 2: those of you who have history with me will recall the overall phase. i believe it was more of an overall period really, it lasted so long. i even believe some of my senior photos were even taken in black cord overalls. yes. those pictures will never be dated! i have a certain pair of men dickies in a size i never should have owned or wore (ode to that lovely time in my history.)

i asked bobby, "if we were too design a costume around your furry hat, what would it be?" "trucker." he responded. done and done. enter me with a drawn on beard.

so i thought it was only appropriate bobby's costume be from my closet. the husband must love me. he wore my overalls and let me draw freckles on his face with eyeliner.


Annalisa said...

cross dressing...never figured you the type, but the story tells it all. very good costumes! i like costumes with history. reminds me of my "white trash" costume, really more of an inside joke.

Jenny said...

Why are there bats all over your house? Please tell me you didn't cut out a bunch of bats. Did you cut out a bunch of paper bats?

megan... said...

yes, yes we did have bats in our house. And it was pretty sweet too! Bobby hung them in a swooping pattern so they looked like they were flying out of a vent and through the middle of the room.

Erin Leigh said...

classy! i love the bats coming out of bobby's head :)

Kristin said...

Bobby fit in your overalls. Tht just about sums up the overall phase (era).