Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bobby the builder

sorry for the sad face... he has a monster cold in this pic!

bobby has his last final of the semester today. wahoo! i thought it would be a pretty good reason to brag about him a bit. he has an itch to create.

he ordered this book earlier this year, telling me he wanted to be more creative. it was around the same time he ordered little tiny parts to make mini robot out of a computer mouse. who does that? bobby does that. pretty sure he is already creative.

this semester he came home giddy after making a pip squeak mini engine in class. it was a group project, but again, bobby had the itch to make it really good, and did most of it himself, enjoying every moment. pretty sure it will be on display at our house.

and the gem of all gems. his project for his history of creativity class. he dreamed up images of making the golden ratio go 3-D. he designed it all out- with dreams of making it a designer side table.
the budget got ahold of the designs, and it got scaled down a touch, but it turned out to be a great work of art for our shelf.

and maybe, now that i'm sure i described everything all wrong, bobby will get on here and explain it all himself, the right way!

and just remember bobby, the next time you wonder if you should really be in engineering- most people don't do this in their free time, let alone love it!


Annalisa said...

that's a very creative piece of work.

Jenny said...

I love it! So cool!!

katrina said...

Cool! I want one! (a sculpture, not a bobby)

Christina said...

If he made that into a designer side table, I would totally buy it.

Unknown said...

Did Bobby really make that?! Wow...we are UBER impressed.