Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like an oregon christmas!

the drive to oregon was supposed to happen tuesday, but with a big storm about to blow in, and me not so much loving snow storms across nevada, we up and took off sunday morning. the more christmas the merrier right?

i felt like we were on the mystery route, surrounded by dense fog in the dark of the morning.

every once in a while, we'd ascend above the frozen tundra and see the beautiful day.

and then descend again...
the subie handled it well...and then there were cows,and stinson-faces,and frozen lakes of the woods with impending rain storms, a sure sign we were being greeted by oregon.alas, i have no pictures of the driving rain on the dark windshield, but i can tell you that we are here, and enjoying this non-white christmas.

besides, who can complain when i'm lying on a bed looking at this:


Christina said...

That is beautiful!! Where are you staying?

megan... said...

we kicked our niece mia out of her bedroom. she has the best view :)

Geoff said...