Saturday, February 13, 2010

love week.

last year, the husband and i picked up this mailbox at the habitat for humanity restore- for a solid $ has plans to adorn the front of our house, possibly with a little color splash addition. however, since we're still preoccupied with the interior of our abode, the mailbox sits in wait.

i found in fumbling through our shed for some other valentine love and decided to put it to work.

the husband saw me cutting out letters and asked what the ransom was going to be. i'd love to see me trying to kidnap him, now that would be a sight!

but it made for a perfect love box. all week when the flap was open, there was a little love waiting inside.

an excuse to deliver mini letters, long overdue wedding albums (note: new years resolution- check), and a sugar overdose.


Unknown said...

Mine also does a good job of exceeding expectations. Of course, it's often at the last minute when I think nothing will happen, but then I'm even more surprised and impressed when it does.

Jason said... albums....