Sunday, March 28, 2010

the one-sequined shoe.

once upon a time, these were some of my favs. i'm not usually a sequin-y kind of girl, but I loved the fun green sparkle this duo added to the end of a normal pair of jeans.

today bobby looked down at my feet and told me that i only had one sequin left on my right shoe.

i looked at him and told him that today i felt like my right shoe. a semblance of my former glamourous self.

today when we started to sing hymns, i couldn't figure out why the page was not to be found in my scriptures. i started several sentences and couldn't for the life of me figure out by the end why i had started them in the first place. and generally felt like a pretty class act space cadet.

here's to me and the green flats. some days we're just better than others!


Annalisa said...

pregnancy makes you even more glamorous. simply glamorous.

Lorri said...

I have to say it doesn't get better after the baby comes. Something about not getting enough sleep...

Anonymous said...

It's called "baby brain drain"! Very common.... your sister-in-law Erin is classically funny when pregnant - VERY ditzy.

It does get better... unless you have a colicky (sp?) baby, then you're just exhausted.

Hah! Fun times. Love ya- Mom