Saturday, March 13, 2010

talk about a dirty bathtub...

isn't that a pretty sight? who wants to clean this beauty for me?

last year i discovered this little gift in our overgrown side yard. rogue daffodil bulbs. i had intentions to dig them up in the fall and place them elsewhere so that this spring they could be seen and enjoyed. we all know that i like to enjoy myself some daffodils.

but i have one bone to pick with mother nature. who wants to put effort into something in the fall that doesn't reap benefits until the spring?? that doesn't work well for the procrastinator in me. maybe that is the lesson... mother nature isn't much of a procrastinator...

so reality is- i'm not sure that it even occurred to me in the fall. but if it did, i quickly decided i didn't really want it that badly anymore.

so here over the past few weeks, i've seen the green tips peaking up through the dirt and teasing me. see, now that it is spring, i'm motivated! i want to enjoy these perfect yellow treasures!

so i did it. i'm gambling with transplanting the bulbs. i took my day off and dug them all up. -insert visual image of dirty pregnant woman sitting in the sideyard here-
i scrounged up every pot, vase, jar, and salt & pepper shaker in the house. planted half of the bulbs in soil and cleaned half to try to force to grow in water.

and now i've filled up every window sill in the here's to bringing the sunshine indoors. if they all grow we're in for a lot of sunshine. plenty to share on visits with friends and neighbors. let's hope it works and i didn't just kill them all!

and yes... i did clean out the tub...


Bre said...

Oh that's going to be so purty! I just love the greenery of it all! Do you think I could get the same effect by planing green onion stalks in some jars?
Are the last 4 digits of your cell phone number 3336? Or 3366? I tried to text you about Farkel [our new favorite game] and I'm thinkin' it was the wrong number.

Annalisa said...

I'm sure they will be grateful and bloom soon for you.

Frankman's said...

how fun! whenever i see daffodils, i always think of you and yoru wedding!

The Meesh said...

If they work, feel free to bring me over some sunshine! Also, I have a couple of those bulb vases if you have more you need to pot.

Kimpossible said...

I am so jealous. I wish I had the space or that many bulbs. That looks so cool!

Annalisa said...

i was passing through your blog again and the boys spotted the pic of the dirty bathtub.

here's the play-by-play

linc: what was megan doing planting stuff in her bathtub?

(me explaining what really happened)

hari: that megan is so silly

we love yah!