Saturday, May 22, 2010

done and done #5

check it off the list!

we have ourselves a small garden plot.

however, once june hits- it gets overshadowed by a neighbors tree. so this year i used that little spot to plant our spring goods, and worked on talking bobby into helping me with a garden box to put on our patio, where the sun shines all day long.

i have to hand it to the husband. i come up with ideas all the day long, plan, create to-do lists, and usually at least parts of the project always somehow rope him in. (even if i didn't plan for him to do it, he has to admit, that when he sees me using his drill in a way that scares him, he takes the project away from me... how am i supposed to learn with such a great husband around?? and i used to consider myself quite the independent woman...) he's a trooper.

but there is nothing i hate more than standing around waiting for him to do something while i do nothing. especially when it was my project to begin with.

it took a lot of smooth talking to manage to get permission to get onto the roof at 9 months pregnant to transfer (read: throw) the dirt from the old garden box up there, to the newly crafted fancy patio box.

bobby carefully supervised my climb up and required me to shovel the dirt from a sturdy seated position. don't worry, i do not over estimate my graceful abilities to believe that i would be able to stand on a roof and shovel dirt without a guaranteed mishap...
side note: garden boxes on slanted roofs are not affective. watering = landslide of seeds and dirt to the southern corners of the box...

then, because we still needed more dirt, and who likes to pay for dirt??? we went to a co-workers alpaca farm, where we were kindly gifted some compost.

the husband shoveled... while i stood there and took pictures. boy does he love that!

baby alpaca born that very morning...

she was very soft and wobbly on his feet. it made my heart pitter-patter that i'm going to have a little human bebe in my arms one of these days soon...then it was back to our little patio plot.

friday we filled and gridded (this is my first attempt at the square foot gardening method. i already goofed, because our plot is 6' x 6' instead of 4'x4'- good luck to me harvesting from the center of that!!)

then i was gladly left up to my independent ways to pick out the plants
(special thanks to debby, who grew her own starts this year, and gifted me with her leftovers!! and to home depot, for doing the rest of the work...)

the rest of the day was spent getting my hands dirty and trying to bend over with this 9-month belly of mine. yep, i celebrated the official due date by planting the rest of my garden. here's hoping i can still move today!


Christina said...

It's your due date already?! And I hope that Bobby isn't going to mind harvesting the garden all summer as you are probably not going to feel like doing it... :)

Annalisa said...

I would have cheated and put a few stone steps in some of the plots so I could reach the middle of the box. LOL I'm surprised you don't have a toad or some stone gnome to ward off rabbits, wait doesn't fake animal sculpture freak you out? LOL.

Well, I'm glad you're still up and able to work on the projects. You inspired me to make a list.


debby said...

your box looks great. i think that square foot gardening is so pretty. especially when the plants start filling in.

Frankman's said...

that looks awesome!! i miss you!! i'm so excited for you guys!! I wish i was there!

Jenny said...

It looks amazing! Way to go! Although, you are right. The harvest will be a little tricky. At least you won't be pregnant then.

You are so good at getting your projects done. I have myself a good list but have a hard time getting motivated to work on them myself.

I'm excited for your sweet little baby to come!

Annalisa said...

Heard it did the plant render? Hope the late snow didn't damage all that hardwork.

Unknown said...

Strong work Megs. I hope I'm like you when I'm pregnany--working it til the end! Garden looks amazing, as do the new doors. It's been a while since I've been to your house; I need to come see all the updates.