Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i have a syndrome. once i figure out that i can make something. i feel like i should make it instead of buying it.... hence the regular sewing nightmares around here!

the syndrome is spreading to our food.

the husband and i have been becoming increasing picky about our food. the more aware we are of what we are eating, the more satisfied we seem to be with our food. and the more unsatisfied we become with junk...

we definitely aren't gourmet eaters around here, often we like it simple, we just like it good.

there is just something incredibly satisfying about knowing what every ingredient is in your food and where it came from.

i'm fascinated by how often i find that i have every ingredient in my house to make foods i regularly buy.

like our sunday spread for example...four ingredients : flour, yeast, salt, water and the simple know how from artisan bread in five minutes a day makes it much less intimidating...
quiche: because we left the alpaca farm with 2 dozen, fresh that day eggs. can't wait until we have all the veggies in our garden to add to these babies. one is artichokes and swiss, and the other bacon, tomato & cheddar. the husband approved. (and we made 2 because i'm in the freeze one of everything i make stage...)
and because we were having friends over, and it came highly recommended, we made a little chocolate cobbler via pioneer woman.

have i been living under a rock? how is it that i have been making boxed things when i have every ingredient in my house for molten chocolate goodness?

loving it, and i'm okay if this syndrome spreads. i would love this to be a foundation in our little family. time cooking and eating good, healthy, foods together. if we are going to eat, we might as well savor it, and eat well.


Annalisa said...

Your syndrome is spreading to me too. Your bread is good and I almost made some steps.

Melissa Tiek said...

Your quiche looks beautiful. And the chocolate cobbler was delicious! Thanks for having us over!

Lora said...

Your pictures are making me hungry! Looks good!

The Meesh said...

Wasn't the cobbler just decadent! Loved it! and so freakin' easy too!