Monday, September 6, 2010


we went picking berries again this year.

all we could talk about was the bounty of last year- when the blackberries were huge, sweet, and juicy, and i could hardly get them to my bucket- or my mouth -fast enough (one for the bucket, one for megan- isn't that how it is supposed to go??)

it was like last year was the ex-boyfriend, not available, but still getting talked about until people are sick of hearing it.

so the harvest this year was a little less than huge, sweet, and juicy, but provided amply for some blackberry treats around here much the same.

blackberry cobbler, blackberries with cake and ice cream (if you are bobby, this is all mashed up in a cup together...), blackberry milkshakes, blackberry syrup with waffles, and finally this morning- blackberry jam.

i wish i had taken a picture of the mess i can make in my kitchen while making jam. at least it was a yummy mess.

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Annalisa said...

i'm so impressed that you make your own yummy goodness. one day i might take on that adventure myself...LOL, the day after the laundry is done.