Thursday, October 21, 2010

for the love of yard art...

one day bobby was a little late coming home and told me he was getting his friend to help him bring something home that was leftover from one of the school projects.

i think he thought this was one of those better to ask forgiveness than permission situations.this was the beauty he came home with.

the shell off one of byu's old race cars.

apparently they were going to dump it. but the husband couldn't have that.

he suddenly had visions of go-carts, bicycles, you name it, and bobby has thought of transforming this race care into it.

where is this beauty you ask?

well they quickly discovered that is was way too big to fit in the barn.

they had the brief but ridiculous thought of mounting it to the fence.

and then it ended up here:
yep. the roof where our herb garden (and a very pregnant megan) once sat.

you know i am loving this.

i am truly an activist against yard art.

i think the only thing that belongs in our yard is gardens, flowers, swing sets and perhaps a radio flyer.

at least right now my view out the kitchen window is full of fall.oh what am i going to do when the leaves are gone??


Annalisa said...

is that orange tape holding it down? looks kinda insecure, but what do i know, i'm only looking at the photo. its kinda funny that with your passionate disgust for yard art, you have that in your yard. be thankful its the backyard though. and not some silly creature in the front yard. good luck. i'm sure bebe evan will love a go cart one day.

megan... said...

it's pretty dang secure! bobby has the skills with the tie downs!!

jeanie said...

haa haa haa haa. that is funny. Just throw a pink flamingo in the driver seat and your good to go!!