Monday, October 18, 2010

radio flyer

i can't say that i wasn't very excited when my sister called and asked if we'd be interested in their old red wagon.

ummm.. yes. thank you.

to put it to good use, we strolled approximately 5 houses down to the farmers market to pick out some pumpkin goodness.
bebe: "dad, why am i sitting in this mound of lumpiness?"

dad: "i don't know, ask your silly mom, she's the one that put you there..."

we brought home some pretty good loot.

we brought bebe home too, but the husband wouldn't let me put him in the radio flyer...


debby said...

jealous of the wagon, jealous of the pumpkin. adorable picture of the wee one.

Annalisa said...

going to cook that white one? i hear it makes good eats.

Merissa said...

Love the wagon...and the bebe!