Friday, November 26, 2010


i think they call it black friday because it is still black outside when people start shopping.

the insanity that is my sisters' in law, started this morning at an insane hour.

thanksgiving down time was spent scouring ads, making christmas lists, and determining strategy.

i found exactly zero items in the ads that motivated me to get up early.

okay- not true. i saw a scarf i wanted to look at (which ended up being ugly) but that was only motivation to go to the store, not to go to the store at dark-thirty in the morning.

however, i didn't catch a last minute flight to california to sleep in on the day after thanksgiving either, so off i went, waking up at the ridiculous hour of 2:15 for some sister-in-law bonding time.

what loot did i come home with you ask?

2 $7 pillows and a $8 compact vacuum.

yep- totally not lying. things i could have and should have bought in utah on any ole shopping trip to the walmart. but hey- i was there and not doing anything else anyway, so why not purchase them and stuff them into a suitcase?

logic is not my strong point at that time of day...

after those amazing purchases, the husband called to tell me bebe had woken up and was having nothing to do with his bottle.

thus the end of my shopping madness a mere 3 hours after it began.

the sisters continued until 2pm. insanity. i repeat, insanity.

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Annalisa said...

12hr shopping day...that is insanity.