Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ready, set, go!... almost

i can't really say what i've been doing for the last couple of weeks, but i'm sure it has involved lots of singing songs, changing diapers, watching tiny boys do amazing things, and making preparations for adventures that may not always come to pass... and taking pictures of almost none of it!

adventure 1
this past week was my dear friend kat's birthday. plans were made to embark on a weekend getaway to a yurt in the snow.

my adventurous spirit was excited by the plans. even with the seeds of hesitation deep inside about an unknown amount of hiking in the snow, with a baby, possibly in the dark.

so i ignored above said hesitations, and friday we embarked on said adventure.

we drove a couple hours, arriving in the high uintas and started out the trek in the dark.

after about an hour+, the snow was getting deeper and deeper, and the hesitation was turning into a sinking feeling that i couldn't ignore.

there was this possibility that the yurt would be just around the corner. but i didn't think so, my gut was telling me that we still had at least an hour to go...

while little mister was being quite a frozen trooper, we had to decide that this wasn't going to be a good idea for our little family.

so the u-turn happened, and we traipsed back down. at least the moonlight on the pines and the snow was pretty dang beautiful. it was more time than we've had together in a long time!

turns out the snow just got deeper and deeper said the friends that continued the trek. little mister will have to wait a bit longer for an adventure like that...

adventure 2
and we have looked forward to this week's road trip to the husband's hometown-- and more importantly, to see his great family.

we had it all planned out.

and me the planner/stress-or, was actually feeling pretty good about it.

we were going to take it easy, be flexible (this from the girl who doesn't know how to be flexible!) and enjoy it- thus not to allow mother nature to wreck our plans.

we had a day to drive and a back up day, just in case. bobby was willing to skip a class if leaving early would make it for a better drive.

so last night, after warnings from family and friends, we parked ourselves down in front of weather.com to find the perfect window of time to escape.

turns out the storm we had been watching for, has turned into the doomsday storm. all safe escapable windows of time disappeared.

we decided to let it go for the night and get up this morning in last hopes of finding a safe time to drive, but mostly realizing that this might be a cozy thanksgiving at home...

i woke myself up at 5am this morning with a renewed excitement, sure i would find a way to make it happen.

wrong again.

the forecasts got worse.

across the entire length of i-80 in nevada the warnings say things like:

visibility will be reduced to zero at times

dangerous whiteout conditions

many roadways becoming impassable

travel is highly discouraged

travel extremely dangerous

do not travel. if you must... have a winter survival kit with you.

okay, okay already, i get the point.

so now i'm going to head to the store and stock up. we've let ourselves run out of pretty much everything, thinking an empty fridge was perfect for a vacation.

then maybe i'll deck the halls, and create a little adventure at home...

update: just kidding, we bought plane tickets and got out before they canceled the rest of the flights for the night.

gobble gobble....


Merissa said...

So sad you won't be able to make it north for Thanksgiving. Hope you still have a wonderful holiday together at home. And go buy yourself something nice with the gas money you're saving :)

Frankman's said...

uggh. you have such a great attitude though - i can't wait to see you! hopefully our drive will be better, it's looking okay across wymoning for now!

Annalisa said...

drats for too much snowy weather. its freezing here in cali. too...i was wishing global warming would kick in right about now, lol. would make for some pretty good travel.

Jenny said...

I'm sorry it isn't working out for you too! But also way impressed with your attitude. I don't think I would be handling it nearly as well as you are. You are amazing! Have a good time with your little family. And I agree with Rissa. You definitely deserve something nice! :)

Annalisa said...

that makes me so happy! enjoy your weekend with family!

(be sure to get pictures of this adventure though)