Friday, April 1, 2011

the run down

the last two days have been so action packed, i have to journal a summary.

++ i quit half my job. we have been trying to work out details for bobby to get a job/internship experience.  i knew and hoped that would likely mean i would be quitting.  i can't stomach the day care idea, and juggling both of us having full times jobs and the bebe is more than i can juggle.  wait, i can't juggle- at all.

enter anxiety here- quit- lose a salary that covers the needs and benefits, or work and leave the bebe...  it was a cycle without solution...

then (in the temple- going to go ahead and call this a blessing...) it dawned on me that i hadn't approached the thought of going part-time.  i nervously approached the subject with my boss.  they aren't very keen on the part timers at my office, and he wasn't very promising. we went to a staff meeting later in the day that basically ended up in a restructuring of our whole team, and one of the other members asking if she could go full-time.

suddenly, what had started the day as a "what if" to throw in the mix of all our life decisions, became a done deal.

enter anxiety here again- i just gave up half my salary and yet to have a job for bobby...

++ the husband is a stud.

his capstone gave their final presentations on this baby yesterday.  bebe and i rushed over to ooo & aahhhh over it between my work mayhem..

did i mention that the husband pretty much was the mastermind behind this beauty?  there is a team that built this car together from the ground up.  and from conception to paint- bobby was the brawn behind the entire body.  it has come to be known as body by bobby.  

this is a time lapse video of a small part of the process

formula hybrid from Ryan McLean on Vimeo.

more to come on this later when the husband goes to new hampshire for this in may.

++ double bonus- this car being done = i have my husband back.

++ the husband went in for a second interview this morning.

++ this afternoon he got offered the job.  no joke people. part time at a local engineering company. part time me, part time husband + bebe = perfect.

++ anxiety slips away. 48 hours or less, months worths of questions and anxiety worked out better than i ever could have schemed.

++ starting prepping the garden for the spring crops. yum.

++ we have movement.

ten months + 1 day, and little mr finally decided to crawl.  made it across the room.  it only took him about ten minutes to do it, and some serious carrot dangling.

same day, he walked along the couch (with a death grip mind you).  yes he wanted my keys that badly.

++ this little bum got diagnosed with ear infection #2.  good thing he is much better spirits about it this time!

phew, what a day...


Tiffany said...

Yay for you and your family!!

Lorri said...

Congratulations! What a happy turn of events!

Brittany said...

So glad things worked out!

Bre said...

So glad that things are working out! PS...when I read, ++We have movement++ I thought holy crap, Megan's pregnant! I thought you were making an announcement. I'm dumb! Yay Evan for crawling!

Anna Hall said...

the temple is the perfect place to be inspired on how to resolve all those worries and stresses with work and family

karla said...

Ahh - so nice to have things worked out, no? Congratulations on all the amazingness going on at Casa Porter. :)

Merissa said...

What an update! Glad to hear your got what you wanted and deserved (and also selfishly glad you're not moving away just yet!)

Frankman's said...

CRAZY phew days! sorry i couldn't go walking with you! i hope evan feels better with the ear infection. love you. love bobby's car. you guys are blessed!

katrina said...

I think I spotted bobby in the video. Was he wearing glasses and a hat?

Yeah for things working out!

John said...

with all that car knowledge stuff you should be building the Girl Crusher, right?