Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mysterious ways

who the? what the?  what is that picture of?

yea, bono, and some awesome nose bleed seats from the u2 concert.

kat's hubby was out of town for the postponed concert, so yours truly became the benefactor of his misfortune.

i had a great time with kat (and about 50k other people...)

we played, "pretend the trax train is a cattle car and guess how many people can you cram into a car." (turns out it is as many as will barely allow the doors to close, i repeat- barely.  you know those signs that tell people not to stand in the stairwell?  yea right!  me and 4 other people were in that stairwell...) 

we played trivia with all the factoids on the "claws" monster screen with great anticipation for bono (and the edge who is the hottest my personal favorite.)

we lost our hearing in the first 30 seconds of the concert (good thing for those nose bleed seats- can you imagine if we had been closer)

we danced and be-bopped among lots of crazy fans.

i discovered that i am getting old. at 11pm the concert was still going strong, and i was drooping.

good times. these u2 folks sure know how to put on a crazy good show.

***bonus factoid- the last u2 concert i went to was in 1996.  crazy.  i can't believe that was 15 years ago..


Annalisa said...

LOL, 1996 was when I graduated high school and I've never been to a U2 concert...oh so sad! What do I have to show for my 15 yrs? LOL!!!! Looks like so much fun though! Makes me want to snatch Geoff and go!

Brittany said...

How fun. I'm so glad you got to go.

Lisa said...

I'm jealous! My postponed concert ticket went to Jim's friend. I couldn't see how I would really enjoy it at 1 week postpartum! Glad you got to go! Jim and his buddy had an awesome time, like I'm sure you did!

thailiz said...

Hey, I was one of the 50k other fans there! Also in the nosebleeds, and grateful to still have my hearing. SUCH a fun show!

Becky Nelson said...

I am so happy for you. I know how much you LOVE U2. glad you ahd a great time.

katrina said...

Megs, you still need to send me the concert photos. Had a great time with you!