Sunday, May 8, 2011

my weekend

oh my.  this weekend was just for me.

the husband returned home from his 10 day excursion racing the byu car in new hampshire.

so nice to have a husband back.

i bought a badminton set to celebrate the weekend.

celebrate the sunshine, celebrate cinco de mayo, celebrate the birthday & mother's day. 

  the bebe apparently has another use for the badminton set.  there seems to be a theme...
we spent a fabulous weekend together.

the husband didn't get home until late cinco de mayo, so making the pinata by myself, i just made a mini one this year. and we busted it open with friends sunday evening. the culmination of a great birthday and mother's day
and to this little guy i say:
thank you for the mother's day.
thank you for making me a mother.
thank you for unconditionally loving me and letting me love you more than i knew i could.
thank you for letting me soothe you.
thank you for smiling and laughing at me.
and letting me read you books,
and sing you every song i know, as well as quite a few i don't know.
thank you for helping me discover everything for the first time again through you.
it has been quite a year.  you rocked my world and totally changed my life, and i love it.

ps.  the husband gave me the most thoughtful mother's day gift. a new book for the little guy.  i'll be honest, i didn't understand or appreciate it fully at first.  huh?  i got a book for the bebe for mother's day??  until the next day, when i had a great new book to explore with evan.  ten points to the husband for trying to make my life home with the boy just that much better.

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Annalisa said...

Happy mother's day!