Monday, August 10, 2009

family camping in a pickle

i don't know how i didn't manage to get a single picture of the warm day spent canoeing and chatting in sand at bear lake's north beach-- but here's a little look at the cold family time up in the canyon.

our jaunt to the spring up the road.
rain, rain, go away
it made for a cold & soggy day.
i'm not eating treats for the month of august. as part of the agreement with co-workers, if one cheats, $10 goes into the pot and the money goes to those who don't cheat. i gladly passed up my sister's mint brownies, lots of cookies, smore's and candy. but after freezing my way through cooking breakfast, i realized that if there was a hot cocoa stand down the road, i would gladly pay $10 for that yummy hot cup of chocolate. and thus, i cheated!this photo is mostly here to show you all what a mean wife i am. bobby is likely going to have my hide for this, but he takes so many glorious photos like this, showing off his love for me taking pictures of him, that it serves him right if i just choose to show them off!

and the warm centerpiece to our cold reunioning: the fire one can only eat so many mallows. but since we were all still so close to the fire, why not burn a thing or two?


Annalisa said...

yes, like father like son...that's hilarious!

karla said...

The picture of Bobby is awesome! I have so many ridiculous pictures of Jeff because he all but refuses to smile pleasantly becuase he's supposedly "reached his quota" for pictures. :)

Frankman's said... that is the most awesome picture of bobby i have ever seen! you are making me miss utah terribly already ... i love camping ... sad.