Friday, December 25, 2009

days of our christmas

this year bobby & i got car tires for christmas. i know, i know, that tops everyone's wish list.

i wasn't a very good sport at first (yes, i cried) and then i gave myself a series of lectures about the spirit of the season etc. etc. and decided that my poor sport self better do something about it.

thus unfolded our december. i knew i wasn't going to be able to buy much for bobby, so instead, i wanted to make every day in december just a little bit of christmas.

each day the advent calendar held a clue for the day's activity. notice the significant improvement to our ceiling fan fiasco...
the husband's first and very cold visit to the lights at temple square.

and much more- pizza, car cleanings, cheese balls, a night with my undivided attention and you tube, road trip snacks, caroling, nights at the movies- not captured with the lens.

merry christmas bobby! you even got me to watch willow, and you know i had a life long vow never to give in on that one!


Annalisa said...

very creative

Frankman's said...

we just got new tires as well...bummer. they are so expensive! but you are such an adorable wife! i love your present! and i am SO excited for you to find out the gender!!!

katrina said...

So what did youthink of Willow?