Monday, December 21, 2009

visions of wrapping caramels dancing in my head

i should remember when asking excellent cooks for recipes, to not only include ingredients, but detailed instructions, like, " be patient, you may be stirring for more than a half hour"

or, "be prepared to wrap those caramels for the better part of a movie or two!"

but alas, they were quite delightful to package up.
and deliver to friends.and hopefully they even tasted good!


Frankman's said...

yummy! those look delicious ... i wish WE were still in provo ... :-)

Annalisa said...

well, they do look good.

what a fun activity.

Becky Nelson said...

yummy, how do i get some??

Tiffany said...

Oh they look DELISH!! Do you mind sending me the recipe?

Melissa Tiek said...

K those look amazing! They are perfectly shaped! I am always in awe when I see the incredible food items you create in the kitchen.