Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this is my decade.

this is going to be a big year. it is going to be a big decade.

we rang it in with an out of control party.
2 bottles of bubbly (shout out chico, ca- these pear and cherry flavors were yummy!)
all for just the two of us. to keep us awake doing our times square puzzle until midnight.

where are the pictures of us with out silly string and the neighbors with their pots & pans? who knows....

but now we are on to a new and big decade for this gal.

this year, i turn 30.

this year, i am having my first baby.

so I made some goals for the start of this big stage in my adventure.they are written on our back door.
i kept it simple and gave myself a few freebies!


Frankman's said...

you painted your back door with chalkboard paint?!? too cute! you are adorable!

Annalisa said...

now the question is...will you be 29 or 30 when you have your little baby bobby?

Kristin said...

I'm all about the freebies...