Monday, January 18, 2010

yes, it was a birthday party!

happy birthday stinson!
remember when he was just a little one?bobby almost died when i told him i was throwing stinson a birthday party. i believe there was eye rolling involved.

the attendees:decor: sponsored by the dollar tree. note the durable quality! (approximately 56 seconds later...)agenda: take the pup on a hike to roam to his hearts content - when i told the husband that my definition of a party meant we bought dollar store hats and took stinson to run to his hearts content, he was back on board!

the guess of honor enjoyed a bone, hike, and then a bath- no way even a birthday pup was making it back into our house looking like that...

and then he was all sorts of tuckered out. he is, after all, only one year old.
- and along those lines, here's to being grateful that our baby will not grow from 8-80lbs in one year!


Annalisa said...

wow! one year. 8 to 80 lbs in a year. wow!

happy birthday to the pup.

Unknown said...

We're sad we weren't invited to the party :) Tell Stinson Happy Birthday from us!

Jarom said...

Happy Birthday Stintson!

Kellie & Cody said...

You are so freakin' cool. I am serious. I feel like a loser knowing that I haven't done this for Hannah! Seriously! This was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stinson... too bad you weren't out here so he could run on the beach! I think he would really have liked that. - mom