Sunday, February 14, 2010

he loves me.

i often have conversations with friends about expectations. if you set them up to be met, you will often be satisfied. otherwise , no matter how great the situation, if it doesn't meet your expectations, there will be something lacking.

after our nuptials, the husband and i agreed to a 50-50% split of valentine/anniversary responsibility. each year we rotate. one of us gets to do the planning, and the other one gets to enjoy the day of love, sponsored by the other. this year i was the beneficiary of love.
he loves me: wake up to my very own display of origami flowers and a love note- titled: his heart
followed by breakfast in my pj's and a personal origami folding lesson.

he loves me not?

he loves me:
taking me on snowy walks with the puppy, so i can hear the snow crunch under my feet. (that is my favorite part of early morning runs in the fresh snow)

and playing fetch with snowballs.

he loves me not?

he loves me: he offered to take me to my favorite dinner, which we decided was shopping and cooking together. enjoyed sans photo taking...

he loves me not?

he loves me:
adventures in of us is creative, and the other of us paints the fruit bowl in front of us....

he loves me not?

verdict: he loves me. expectations met and exceeded. nothing better than a day together.

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Annalisa said...

of course, he loves you.

glad you had fun. love the water colors...keeping those in a scrapbook?