Wednesday, February 17, 2010

showers are recommended

this morning i woke up and decided to head into the office early (6:30 early!) because i just wanted to lock myself in, have no one know i was there, and get all the things done i can never do when people know i'm there.

so i grabbed jeans and this oversize hoodie (of bobby's) and called it good. no face washing, no hair brushing, no professional clothing. i was going in, shutting the door, getting the work done. then returning home to shower and work from home the rest of the day.

no harm done right?

until 9:20ish when i'm just wrapping up my secret work and thinking i'm going to sneak back out before anyone even sees my lovely ensemble.

that is when my director stuck his head in my office to put something on my co-workers desk, and simultaneously reminded me of our 10am meeting with one of the finance gurus from the state office.

oh yea, oops.

suddenly in a panic, my unshowered, hooded self, with mascara smears beneath the eyes, felt a tad unprepared for the meeting.

i wanted to die.

i was embarrassed for my anyone to see me, let alone, attempt to acknowledge me as anything but a lazy 14-year old in the meeting.

in response to my outfit, my director said, "don't worry, you're pregnant." because that is the ultimate excuse to discard cleanliness and dignity?


i'm glad we live approximately 3 minutes from my office.

which makes me wonder, if i could go home and get cleaned up in 10 minutes or less... why did i not do it before i left the house in the first place?


Annalisa said...

oh meg, no worries. i often throw down the 'i'm pregnant' card when i put on jeans regardless of the dress-code. i figure if they want me at work, they suffer the poor matching skills and make-up surely to be lacking some days. smiles!

Kimpossible said...

Hilarious. I feel like anytime I go to work without getting ready, THAT'S the day that I actually have look put together. Yes. Definitely blame it on the pregnancy.

Christina said...

While being pregnant is a great excuse, just wait until you have the baby. I don't think I wore makeup to work a single day after B was born.

coniru said...

... because there's something really nice about pampering ourselves like that ... no make up, no shower, grungy clothes ... very nice .. and besides, you were supposed to be ALONE.

karla said...

You're hilarious, Megan!

Monica said...

Oh Megan, thank you for this post. It made me laugh out loud. I wish we lived closer so we could get to know each other better ... every time I read your blog I think, "We could be such great friends!" Glad you're in the family ... you make me die laughing!