Monday, March 1, 2010

how to host the olympics

ensure a colorful, celebrated welcome of each participant. even if it means making construction paper chains. hey- childhood was great for a reason right?

prepare good food representing the host country. recognizable olympic memorabilia flags don't hurt for that welcoming feeling either.

refreshment is a must. it help new members of the event feel right at home. on that note: welcome jason, the newest official member of our little adopted family via the elopement of our dear merissa.

when guests begin to make snooty or bored faces, by all means bring on the maple leaf adorned cake. thank you sarah and all food and refreshment contributors.

entice guests with loot of gold, silver, & bronze.

then let the games and watching of the closing ceremonies begin!

congrats to the katrina & steve family for a sweeping victory of gold & silver!

lastly, be prepared for emergency changes in venue (though not necessarily due to climate- it is a good option in case the husband decides to get all germy and un-party-like)


katrina said...

So fun! Thanks again for throwing such a great party!

Jill Manis said...

That food looks awesome. enough said.

Annalisa said...

What's funny is those baked Ham slices totally looks like The medals they handed out. LOL....totally I'm not lying.

Kimpossible said...

Brilliant. Peach rings for medals. I wish I would have thought of that. And I'm really craving some pizza now...