Wednesday, May 5, 2010


happy cinco de mayo!

and of course we dug out the banner from last year. bobby was surprised i had saved it. how could i not?



Frankman's said...

you guys are so festive and cute. i'm so lame these days! i have nothing to blog about because i do nothing all day :-). i'm glad you like the blanket! i want to see pictures of the nursery-did you end up doing the frog and toad thing?

Melissa Tiek said...

Oh for fun! I was gone last night so all we did was have enchiladas and then I had to run out the door. The unfortunate thing is that the doctor has told me I need to eat wheat flour instead of white flour...wheat tortillas are not as good.

Annalisa said...


Hari says its a ball.

Jeanie said...

is that a sideways family picture in the background?
You are so good, I always envision celebrating cinco de mayo, but I havent' actually done it in YEARS, sigh...
I think it is going to be...hmmm, really no idea!
You are looking so great!

Brittany said...

Can I make a request for next time we get together?: Bobby's enchiladas!!

megan... said...

Jeanie- you totally called it- there is a sideways family picture in the background. "good eye" bobby says! There is supposed to be a wedding picture of my parents there, but I have yet to dig it out of the box it is in in the shed.... so sideways family camping picture = placeholder!