Saturday, June 12, 2010

celebrating the husband

made possible by:
the inflatible donut: i'm still pretty immobile around here. this was my permanent seat at the party (and in life... somehow during all my prep and taking into account all the care and attention that would need to be paid to bebe evan, i overlooked the reality of my own after care... this donut is worth valuable money to me. i'm serious. it may only cost like $2, but i would pay much much more for it!)

pizza: it is not only bobby's favorite food, i'm pretty sure it is an entire food group to him. thank you take-n-bake!

the porter birthday ballon: the husband got me this balloon for my birthday (may 8th) it is still going strong. it has celebrated my 30th, our son's birth, and the party-o-bobby. step aside mylar, whatever this ballon is made of has you beat!

coca-cola: this was bobby's one birthday request. we aren't much for drinking soda around here, but the husband likes coca-cola of the glass bottle variety only. it became my entire purpose and inspiration behind throwing him a shin-dig. a cooler full of the glass bottle varieties. drink up babe.

stripey straws: since i knew i was throwing him a coca-cola pizza party, how could i resist the striped paper straws?

tim tam slam: bobby loves to dunk (read: drown) all things cake, cookie, biscuit, roll etc. in milk, so i knew this was the tradition for him. you bite off opposite corners of these cookies, and suck milk through them, thoroughly soggifying the cookie inside the chocolate shell. yum. they sold these australian cookies in thailand, and we made a tradition of slamming every sunday night.

thanks for celebrating with us, i do love the husband.


Annalisa said...

Glad it was a Happy birthday party for Bobby. Looks like fun and glad you partied some. Lucky you.

Indeed those donuts are great. I got one at the hospital with Linc and probably billed several hundred for it LOL.

Bre said...

Happy Birthday, Bobby. Where, oh where, did you get the TIM TAMS???!!! Blessed TimTamSlam! So. Jealous.

John H. said...

:( I'm so jealous. I wish I could've made it.

Erin Leigh said...

sorry we couldn't make it! aaron's mom came into town that night. :( please tell him happy "late" birthday from us!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to Bobby! It sounds like you had one rockin party, donut and all. How is the recovery going? Susan and I were chatting about your "situation" yesterday. I hope you are feeling better. I also hope your sweet baby boy is doing well! I will have a friend for him in just a little bit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Bobby.

megan... said...

Mindy- i found the Tim Tams at the local Thai store. But I've heard they've been spotted at Smiths??!!