Monday, September 13, 2010

be-bop-a-re-bop rhubarb pie

okay... maybe rhubarb cobbler.

some people compare rhubarb to celery. no offense to all you celery lovers (i try to like celery all the time) but rhubarb is just down right tasty (no need to hide in unsuspecting salad dishes...)

did you know bobby's dad used to sing that song to him? (the one up there in the title...)
did you know my dad used to love strawberry rhubarb pie? it was his fav....

some pretty cool in-laws of mine introduced us to this cobbler. so when i saw fresh local rhubarb at the farmer's market just down the way, i couldn't resist


Annalisa said...

Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to try it.

jeanie said...

does the rubarb get all nice and soft? This sounds so good. I have never actually tried cooking rubarb myself, though i do love the pie!

jeanie said...

oh and also, i HATE raw celery. it ruins any dish it is in, in my opinion... :)
( my word verification for this post is "curap" hee hee)

megan... said...

Yep- the rhubarb gets super tender. It is really yummy. The recipe is from Sarah & Eric. They made it a couple of summers ago when we were out there. I had to call them and get the recipe, but I wrote it on a ghetto post-it note that I was destined to lose, so it was a perfect excuse to put it on the blog to be remembered (and share with others...)