Monday, September 6, 2010

(non) labor day

what do you do with a day off??
mama- that is me these days- convinces the whole fam to move to the outdoors, while there is still green grass to be enjoyed.the husband de-constructs an old weed eater. what does he do with it you ask? he turns it into an engine on a stick. i don't know either. although, we did have talks of mary poppins. i'm hoping one of these years this creative husband of mine is going get us flying with his engine on a stick...
bebe gets acquainted with his future best bud. (this is what happened after all my efforts to teach the pup that blankets are not for him)the whole happy fam.

then we took ourselves on a stroll to the streets of downtown provo. we cheated and went to a hamburger joint instead of grilling. we have a mini grill = we never grill.
open wide? can it get wider than that? thanks for the flattering pic hubby.

p.s. as uncomfortable as bebe looks all up in my grill, he's actually pretty chill and happy in this little pack of ours. believe me. he lets us know when he's not...they stick whole pieces of pie (or cobbler, or cupcakes) and grind them up into these milkshakes. craziness!


Frankman's said...

He's getting so big! and he's SOO cute. i heard sammy's all the rage in provo these days - i want to try it sometime!!

Annalisa said...

sounds like a very fun non-labor labor day. is this the first uneventful holiday since evan was born? smiles!

Erin Leigh said...

sammy's is pretty hip. you guys are a couple of hipsters! next time we'll join you so we can be hip too!!!