Thursday, September 16, 2010

sentimental broccoli casserole

it is true. i said it, and i'm being serious too.

the husband made it for dinner last night and we are having it for leftovers tonight too. (okay, lets be honest, we had it for lunch and dinner tonight. yep, we're leftovers people around here...)

this is not gourmet food. don't get me wrong, it is good and all, but nothing fancy. can a casserole be fancy??

but this food makes my heart do a little pitter patter anyway.

you see, every time the husband makes it, it reminds me of the first time he made it.

we had just started dating. we had plans to go out to a korean restaurant with some of his friends for some korean holiday.

then it happened.

the dreaded phone call. for those of you who have ever worked a job that required you to be on call, you know that sometimes there is nothing worse than the sound of your phone ringing.

and this was a doosy of a call. it wasn't going to be anything quick. i had to go to the hospital and i couldn't make any promises about when i'd get back.

he called his friends and told them we wouldn't be coming.

this is where the guilt prone part of me felt really bad, and wanted to impress this new guy i liked, not ruin his night. i tried to tell him to just go without me...

this is also where i got a glimpse of just what kind of man the husband is.

he was a little bummed, of course, but ridiculously supportive.

he gave me a kiss (gasp!), headed home, and told me to call him when i got back.

fast forward 4-5 hours- probably between 10 & 11pm...

i was finally getting home and he told me to come to his apartment.

the door to his oven was just slightly ajar, and he pulled this casserole out that he had just left in there to stay warm.

i asked if he had eaten and he said no, he figured i'd be hungry whenever i finished.

he had made a broccoli casserole hours before and just left it warming in the oven for whenever i happened to make it back. and then waited to eat it with me.

hmmm. wonder why i fell for this man.

every time we eat it, it reminds me that i got a good one...


Frankman's said...

that's a dang cute story - you guys are the best couple ever :-)

Annalisa said...

Reading that made me cry ....I don't know why. Maybe I just like sentimental things. Maybe it reminds me of all the care the men in our lives take to keep us twitter-pated. Awesome.

Monica said...

That is a very sweet story, Megan. Leave it to a Porter to be so thoughtful ...