Saturday, October 2, 2010

bake me a cake

the husband is off doing his manly duty at conference.

bebe went down for a nap and i decided to whip up a little cake in the husband's absence.

i even felt a little cocky about it. cooking really isn't so hard, i thought. why do i or anyone else buy boxes and mixes anyway?

in the back of my head i was coming up ways to put this cake in a jar and give it away as christmas presents.

side note: i'm not a chocolate cake girl. if i'm going to do chocolate, i go all the way for brownies, but i discovered this little number during a pregnancy craving and i quite like it.

the cake is prepped and in the oven. i've prepared the frosting so everything is done and i can clean the kitchen up leaving just a pretty cake on a plate and a nice aroma of fresh baking.

then i sat down.

and smelled a slight smoky odor.

i must have left the pizza stone in there i thought- i hate it when i do that- then we get the burnt cornmeal scent going on..

i go to grab it, and see something else going on all together.

you know that part of the recipe where is specifies 9 inch round pans. well they mean it. they do not mean 8 inch round pans...

what a dream of an evening this has left me with.

smoky kitchen.

goopy oven.

funktified cakes.

now would be a good time to mention that baking from scratch is not the culprit here. i'm pretty sure i could have made this good of a mess out of a box mix too..

so much for little miss baking homemaker this evening!

now i have a good excuse to turn my oven on self clean. - so instead of that freshly baked aroma- we have the yucky self-cleaning oven one...

the dishwasher is running, so all the evidence is cleaned up there...

but the best evidence are these two very unpretty round cakes -which to add insult to injury would not come out of the pans, so there was no salvaging them and trying to still make them look normal on the plate-

i'm going to go ahead and call it a blessing tonight that the husband likes to drown all things cake in milk- so it doesn't really matter what it looks like!

now pardon me while i turn on every fan and vent in the house to prevent the smoke detector from going off...

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Annalisa said...

I think its great you tried. I need to do that more often. I think its why I started baking those pies...the crumble top needs a better recipe at the moment and I just keep trying.