Friday, May 6, 2011

the car

 the husband has been out in new hampshire.

they spent a year building this car, and the formula hybrid international competition is the chance to show it off.

and guess what.  they came in 2nd overall for the competion. (more on all that here)  

and i would like to add, that they had to pass technical inspections, and didn't meet the deadline for 1 event and they still came in second.  pretty much that means that had they been able to qualify to race that event, i'm pretty sure they would have finished 1st overall.  that is pretty good in my book.
when they brought that fancy little car home, they had a bbq for family members to check out and drive it.

so of course, here is our little racer (pretty much wanting to get out of the car as fast as possible...)


Annalisa said...


Annalisa said...

so i read the links...wild! no acc. bummer! i'm sure you'd have gotten first considering marketing & endurance were perfect scores! 2nd place is really great! congrats!!