Wednesday, March 2, 2011

public service announcement

do not enter. stay away. you do not want what we have.

we are under quarantine

have been for a week now.

me and the little guy are not leaving the house these days.

i thought that we just had a cold, but finally took a jaunt to the doc on monday to discover the bebe has rsv and double ear infection.-thanks to the mama for waiting for the 6th day to go to the doc. way to go mama...

i had a little something, but i think it was the zero sleeping that was kicking my behind more than the cold.

yesterday i thought we were on the up and up.  i even snuck out for some me time at the grocery store and good company at book club. and yes, i just said me time at the grocery store...

then this morning the husband called from school feeling yuck-o..

and we are down again.
the only thing worse than being sick is a sick husband or and child.

our condolences to the other half of the planet plagued with this beaut.
ps- a love letter to the antibiotics

dear antibiotics,
i thought you were supposed to make my little man feel better.
you took my sweet sad sick bebe and replaced him with an irritable grouchy one that i have never met before. no thank you.


thailiz said...

So sad, hope you guys feel better. Antibiotics always do a number on my kids diaper outputs (usually the cause of their grouchiness...all children differ, though...) but feeding them yogurt helps a bit I think. Good luck!

Annalisa said...

Yes, yogurt would help the bebe, but 24 hrs should perk a smile or two. Oh, 1/2 tsp of corn syrup in ounce or two of water (natural lax.) for the little one on antibiotics. Best of luck!

P.S. For the adults in the house, red meat...We don't bother with chicken noodle soup anymore, we go straight for Outback to get steak & salad & mashers. I don't know why but it helps.

Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

Oh no! I hope that you all get feeling better! Antibiotics are the worst. Grace's doctor had us get her Culturelle for Kids. It is just a little packet that you dump in their milk or whatever they drink. The probiotics are supposedly better than just yogurt because there are no added sugars or corn syrup. Praying that things get batter fast!

Anonymous said...

We had rsv a few weeks ago over here. Opal was a MESS. I thought she would never be happy again. But we got through it somehow. Eli ended up in the hospital but is over it now. Good luck! I'm' thinking of you!

p.s. I also have a lot of "me" times at the grocery store. awesome.