Friday, March 4, 2011

yeah for byu

since 2009 i have been involved with the PACE (partners for the advancement of collaborative engineering) program, where i have been mainly working on a formula one race car. yes yes, a formula one race car. these things (professionally built) can cost several million dollars, and in some special cases 100 million+. you could buy a fighter jet for that much. the one that us students built only cost a little over a quarter of a million.

working on this project has been pretty amazing. and this last thursday we were able to show it off. BYU's school on engineering and technology received a hefty 10 million dollar donation from the Weidmans, BYU alumni, for the creation of the weidman center for global leadership. and on stage was our car, a prime example of global leadership. needless to say i was pretty proud to apart of such a great university and a great project.

note from the wife

my favorite part was when students would walk into this forum where the announcement was made, see the car, and say things like, "wow, cool car!" , "hey, check out that sweet car!", or just plain "whoa..."

it took all i could muster to not jump up and say, "yea, my husband did that."

pretty sure that might have been embarrassing...


Brittany said...

Bobby, that is seriously amazing! Good job. Spence and I have been staring at the photo of the car for the last 5 minutes, amazed!

Annalisa said...

looks pretty awesome.