Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday lego creations

legos are a preferred sunday activity around here.

when we actually like our creations they become the display of the week in the living room.

i build things like flower gardens (yes- I was that little girl who drew the same flowers and puffy clouds every time someone gave me crayons.)

then the husband sees them and tells me they look like super mario flowers and creates a whole mario world.
(and a car to 4 wheel through my flowers- just for fun...)

it is always a little sad to break them up for the next weeks creations (especially when they bomb- like my un-flower looking daffodil- and bobby's map from this past week...)


Annalisa said...

graph paper does wonders for creating lego images. you can draw your picture and just count the spaces to find the right pieces. (the boys learned that from their history of lego book.) we love legos at our house too. hari's been spending late nights doing lego creations.

Lorri said...

Those are some impressive Lego creations!