Monday, March 7, 2011


in effort to cure the boredom and impending insanity that accompanies being quarantined, we busted out a coconut, stabbed (literally stabbed) a hole in it, popped in some straws, and dreamed that it would take us to exotic places.
too bad it was gross.

i must have forgotten that when i lived in thailand, i hated drinking coconut for the first 6 months i was there, and then magically loved it.  i'm guessing this love/hate relationship is back to the first stage...


Frankman's said...

I think the culprit is lack of freshness ... it is HARD to find a good coconut here!

Bre said...

So funny because when I read the first part I thought, "Ew. Gross! Coconut milk/water tastes like sweat. Why on earth would they be drinking that nastiness?!" And then I scrolled down and read the rest. :) That stuff is sick.