Friday, April 23, 2010

done & done #3: rainy day edition

the lawn.
ironically, the one thing i set out to do, fertilize our lawn, didn't happen today.

after a trip to home depot- okay, two.- some filling of holes, tilling the bare patches, applying seed & mulch to the less-lawn-loved areas, i went to read the directions on the fertilizer, and it said to apply to wet lawn, but not if rain was expected within 24 hours. oops!

i do love myself a little rain though. and there is something exhausting yet uplifting and invigorating about working in the yard...

now, excuse me, i think it is time for a hot shower.
and just because i can: another image of the pear blossoms and barn. because i can't get enough of staring out my window at this- even on a rainy, gray day. Good thing that is the window i stand at to do the dishes!


Tiffany said...

I just wanted to thank you for your super sweet comment you left on my blog!;)

Frankman's said...

i seriously love your pear tree and patio - it's PERFECT!

Annalisa said...

wonderful view out the window, how nice.

Annalisa said...

It rained the other day and thought of you. However, I stayed inside all day. LOL. You're braver than I.