Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter bunny

i tried a couple of different things with the eggs again this year.

the plan was to make magic using a some tissue paper and a bit of electrical tape. i even made an attempt at an egg for the bebe, using some of the stellar tissue paper i have been gifted.

it was a bit of a bust. the tape wouldn't stick very well, and only the dark blue tissue color transferred to the egg- turned out be be the square version of polka dots...

turns out we porters are no martha. at least this household of porters. i wouldn't say the same for the some of the in-laws. my un-biased opinion is that they are way better than martha.
but we know how to have a good time anyway. did i mention that because i had these lofty plans for making the eggs super cool, i paid almost no mind to the cheap-o dye tablets i was buying? yep- turns out we got a whopping 3 tablets, and the clear crayon. it was neat-o.besides, turns out mother nature hides plain white eggs the best anyway!

and when all is said and done, if the husband knows you perfectly enough to fill your basket like this:
then you have it pretty good.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your Easter eggs & goodies! What fun. - love ya - Mom

karla said...

Nothing to be embarrased about - those eggs are FANTASTIC!

Kellie & Cody said...

Those eggs are a work of art! Seriously!!

Jarom said...

Those eggs are still really cool.