Sunday, April 18, 2010

not on the list...

friday morning i decided that amongst the other errands/chores of the day, i was in need of a baby belly fitting shirt...

i am down to 3 shade shirts in colors black, white, and pink. all other options worn up to this point require sweaters, and my internal core temperature is no longer in need of layered clothing.

rotating 3 shirts gets old. fast.

with no inexpensive options found (do they make the clothes unattractive on purpose??? i found 2 repeated fashions, bad elastic baby-doll look, or very large floral. umm.. no thanks...) the wheels in my brain started turning.

pretty soon (in place of sleep) my brain was concocting ideas for clothes that could be made from my fabric stashes.

note: my brain is a better designer/sewer than my tangible body. especially when irrationally tired.

saturday morning i woke up to a counter full of sewing machine and fabric. you see, i was supposed to be working on curtains and pillowcases.

note #2: i can only start sewing projects when I have a span of a few days that i don't mind major clutter in the house, or the project is going to take less than an afternoon, because our sewing table doubles as food prep area/ eating area/ everything else that take space area... since the husband is currently MIA with finals, it is a perfect time to get all pending mending projects complete...

i quickly reject the project in progress, and decided that today i will wear a new shirt! and start cutting and sewing according to the ideas stocked in my sleep deprived brain.

i should not do this.

i should not sew without a pattern from someone who knows what they are doing.

i should not sew with the expectation that it will solve my dilemma in the next couple of hours.

i started simple. a dress i owned that was simply too short. i modeled. determined the perfect maternity length. cut to nice tunic-y length. hemmed. made mental note that hemming on knit was not perfect. did not care. found small spot, decided to wash and dry before wearing.

shrinkage. had i never washed you before???

this dress, once too short as a dress, too long as a shirt. now too short as anything and exposed the beloved belly band on the jeans. not attractive.


on to the next option. a simple sundress. i will use the knit i have been saving to make the perfect dress with.

3 hours later: appears to be a mu-mu that would also work if i was carrying triplets. ummm. not quite was i was going for.

verdict: i wore my black shade t-shirt with a different colored scarf. that is what my wardrobe is reduced to: rotating my various scarves...

verdict #2: curtains & pillows - the manageable project- remain incomplete.

but i still have one more idea up my sleeve.... do i or do i dot attempt???


Christina said...

As one who cannot figure how to sew clothing to save her life, I'd say don't attempt it... you'll just be upset at wasting your cute fabric! Of course, you're probably more talented than me, in which case it might be worth the risk.

Annalisa said...

i should have looked for maternity shirts instead of postpartum shirts for you...sorry!

Frankman's said...

awesome attempts! where are the pictures?!!?

Jenny said...

I thought you looked great on Sat. but I would have enjoyed seeing the mumu.

Lorri said...

So fuuny! I'm a little disappointed that you didn't photo-document this.

megan... said...

i know, i know, but i couldn't bring myself to make the effort to take pictures... and i'm not sure i want to remember what either get up looks like, on its own or on me!

karla said...

Oh Megan, you are too funny. :) As everyone else has said, I'd love to see pictures. I say go for idea #3, but maybe practice on some cheapo fabric to make sure it works first.