Tuesday, April 20, 2010

reason #11

that i love having my own bit of earth

pear blossoms
i'm still loving our barn.
maybe the best $25 we've spent on this house.

today i went to work and accidently left my phone at home, for the second day in a row... my brain is working especially well, thanks for asking!

so i came home after a few hours because my phone is, after all, a work phone too, and if i can't answer it, i'm probably not doing a very good job working!

i decided to move my work from home station outside for the beautiful afternoon. very good idea indeed.


Annalisa said...

way cute baby belly. i'm liking that utah is getting sunny, can't wait to visit in a few weeks.

Frankman's said...

adorable baby bump - you look fabulous! and i love your barn too!

Tiffany said...

oooh I love your barn! You are super cute with that baby bump!