Saturday, April 10, 2010


if this is what people call nesting, i think i had misinterpreted it all along.

somehow my brain had envisioned nesting as this glowy happy image of being so excited that you couldn't help but float, yes i said float, around with one of those little feather dusters, wanting everything to be just perfect.

mine came in a little different form.

walking down the hall at work, i was chatting it up with a co-worker, discussing how much time i have before bebe bobby makes his grand arrival. i like to pretend that he is coming late, just so i can be a little less crazy
when he does come late.

she, like everyone
who is so kind, told me, well he might come early, you know. you'll be full-term in 2 1/2 weeks.

normally, i dismiss this in my head as a sweet sentiment, and make mental note to pay no mind, as i know better, and expectations can really make a bugger out of a day.

but instead, all i really heard was, you'll be full-term in 2 1/2 weeks.


when did this happen????

and suddenly all i could think of was: i could mentally plan for 8 weeks, but i dang better be prepared for 2 1/2 weeks.

and prepared i am not. did you know that all you really need (so i am told...) is a few diapers, a car seat, and everything else you can get later? yea. we don't have a carseat!

enter: nesting?(i still question that word) / panic attack/ creation of massive to do list in my head instead of sleeping from 3-6 am.

i'm pretty sure when i wrote down the to do list, i had hoped it would be the to do list for this weekend. however, since i add 3 things to it every time i cross one off, i'm thinking i hope this all happens before bebe makes his arrival!

to do:

buy ingredients for sunday dinner, jo-ann’s: vinyl, thread, needle for box spring cover, spray paint the back of the frames, spray paint the front of the frames, map out wall placement for frame collage, buy frame hangy thingys, order photos, hang photo frame collage, frog & toad pictures, mom’s taxes, return & get new boxes from IKEA, organize new boxes for shelves, clear clutter, sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, dishes, scrub fridge, scrub oven knobs, make new A/C cover, thank you notes, find a big mirror for the wall, home depot :trellace, seeds, shovel, fert./manure, plant: peas, carrots, onions, greens, make baby presents (for those born and unborn little bebes), design/ make the box spring cover, make closet curtains, gray bed spread, buy/make pillows to match?, sand end tables, paint end tables, mosaic?, put up shelves, try shelves in baby’s room, sell TV, sell stereo, Lowes: special painters tape, fix the paint on the walls, build planter boxes, get rid of daffodils that died/ keep bulbs?, fertilize the lawn, buy dog food at Costco, make strawberry jam, car seat!

now if/when all this happens, we'll actually be able to show you this house and the projects of the last 2 years.

hoping that means posts with fun pictures including me with my feet up to come.


Christina said...

Oh yeah, this is nesting.

Annalisa said...

lol, the week marle was nesting included raking the yard, packing the hospital bag and putting on makeup...i knew something was up when i put on makeup by 8am and 'floated' down the stairs to cook breakfast...indeed! enjoy the nesting...when you finally settle down and get a know you'll be close to delivery day. (that's how i was with the hospital bag...i didn't want to do it. then, i did pack it and she came the next day). LOL.

Brittons of Provo said...

Yeah, nesting is more like a crazed urgency that you HAVE to get done. My big thing was rearranging my pan cupboard. That really doesn't affect the arrival of the baby, but I NEEDED to have it done before he arrived.

Melissa Tiek said...

Wow! I can't believe it's that close! I would give you advice...but I haven't been there. :) Maybe in 4 1/2 months you can give ME some advice. ;)

Brittany said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous dinner on Sunday! We love your cute home and are so excited for baby Bobby to come. Meg, you will be such a great mother.